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Custom CRM for a Non-Profit


Thriving Families is a non-profit organization with a mission to empower women and their families to thrive during pregnancy and beyond.

A standard out-of-the-box customer relationship management (CRM) wasn’t going to handle all of the variables without extensive customization. It was time to shift to a new, customizable and user-friendly central database system to help serve their participants and team members.


  • Headquarters: Denver, CO
  • Employees: 2-10
  • Industry: Non-profit

Thriving Families managed up to six different disparate systems that employees would have to learn and track. Keeping the vast amount of participant and program data up to date without a centralized database meant longer hours for staff and lost information for participants. 


Based on the foundation of trust built while collaborating on an app that helped consolidate transportation data for Motherwise (Thriving Families’ parent organization) that saved them hours each day, Thriving Families saw Codence as the ideal FileMaker developer partner to design and build their custom CRM. Thriving Families found a patient and attentive partner in Codence that took the time to understand their specific needs.


180 Hours

Transferred per year from administration to serving families


Saved per year in overhead


It was clear Thriving Families wanted more than just a database that stored data. They needed to be able to securely create relationships between the information they were collecting about the moms and their families to better serve them with respect and dignity. That’s where Codence came in.

The final product is transforming the way Thriving Families serves their community. They can perform.

  • Calendar scheduling (with Google Calendar integration)
  • Attendance tracking for programs with alerts to ensure quick follow up with mothers
  • Payment processing system for easy and quick payment collection
  • Inbound and internal referral tracking to track relationships and connect sources to families
  • Both private/secure and general notetaking in the system


  • The Thriving Families team can quickly find and check-in with participants if they notice that certain people have been absent ensuring their safety and encouraging them to re-engage with the programs.
  • They can easily track attendance data to include in grant applications, making it easier to justify funding crucial for their organization’s success. RHONDA has helped Thriving Families improve their participation rates for workshops and programs.
  • The new database streamlines the onboarding process for new volunteer staff and interns.
  • They can now securely export participant and program information and statistics.
  • RHONDA has made it easier for them to take on more volunteers and interns when help is needed.

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