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Powerful Reporting
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Genesis Business Metrics breaks your financial data out of its silo and drives insight into your business.

Make more informed decisions faster through a real-time view of your performance with Genesis Business Metrics. Whether seamlessly integrated with Genesis Accounting as part of Genesis Financial Suite, or used with data from any accounting or FileMaker system, Genesis Business Metrics gives you access to business intelligence tools such as multilevel financial statements, budgets and comparisons, dashboards, and projections.

  • Trend Analysis
  • Dashboards / Business Intelligence
  • Advanced Revenue and Profit Reporting

  • Integrated Accounting Data
  • Profit, Cash Flow, Return on Assets
  • Projections and Forecasts

You can use Genesis Business Metrics as a business decision support tool, a budgeting and scenario tool, and as a financial literacy tool.

If you integrate Genesis Business Metrics with Genesis Accounting, you have direct connection to current, live accounting data and complete drill-down access to underlying details, with no need to import data.

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Data-Driven Decisions

As a business decision tool, Genesis Business Metrics allows you to slice and dice your financial data in a variety of ways to get the most detailed and accurate picture of your financial well-being.

Biz Performance

View business performance over time.

Trend Reports

See trend reports of data in
many views.


Develop plans and projections.

Discover Business Metrics...

Discover Business Metrics...

Sales Dashboard

Sophisticated Analysis

Explore the dependencies between the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Cash Flow Statement. With a deep and comprehensive scoreboard, view three bottom lines: Profit, Cash, and Return on Assets.


Dashboards / Business Intelligence

View trend data by impact, historical contribution, near-term projections, and segment in a visual dashboard meant to drive decision-making. Plot key performance indicators for revenue cash, profit, assets, COGS, operating expenses.

Sales Dashboard

Flexible Financial Statements

Work with multi-column and multi-level Income Statements, and summarize by segments in any order. View Balance Sheets by account groups, or drill down to the account level. Compare actuals across months, quarters, and years.


Budgets, Projections, Scenarios

Import budgets from Excel, track multiple scenarios (best case, likely case, etc.) and compare actuals, budgets, and scenarios. View by company, department, profit center, and more.


Extend FileMaker with Business Metrics

Make the most of your Workplace
Innovation Platform

Our team can integrate your custom FileMaker apps with Genesis Business Metrics to drive decision-making from any data source. Break your team out of loose collections of spreadsheets and bring key performance indicators to the foreground. Our expert FileMaker developers designed Genesis Business Metrics to work with many different kinds of data: revenues, profits, productivity numbers, inventory counts. Use its powerful reporting capabilities to take your apps to the next level.

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Build apps for Windows, Mac, Mobile, and Web. Host in the Cloud or on your own server. Codence has been helping clients work with FileMaker for decades. We’re a Claris Platinum Partner and can help ensure that your FileMaker solutions are solid, practical, and well-supported.

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Bring your KPIs to Light

Promote financial literacy in your organization, speak the language of business owners and shareholders, and manage your business with its key performance indicators.

Advanced Financial Reporting

Advanced Financial Reporting

Use deep reports with drill-down capabilities, review financial scoreboards at a glance, see dependencies and outlier data, spot problems in real-time.

Dashboards BiTools

Dashboards / BI Tools

Assess performance across your entire organization or slice-and-dice by department, product line, division, teams, and individuals. Look for impact and future projections.

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

Run comparative summarized statements, study data in months, quarters, years. Look at revenue, net profit, cash flow, and assets; track COGS/sales, operative expense, asset turnover, return on equity.

Profit Cash Flow Return on Assets

Profit, Cash Flow, Return on Assets

Scrutinize your business from three bottom-lines. See the connections between assets and liabilities, revenues and cost.

Budget vs Actuals, Scenarios

Budgets vs Actuals, Scenarios

Create and compare as many scenarios as you need. Import budgets from Excel, see comparisons to actual performance. Plan ahead.

Integrated Data

Integrated Data

Tie Genesis Business Metrics to Genesis Accounting or any accounting software. Codence can build loose or tightly coupled systems with current security and performance standards.

Please view our PDF to access Genesis Business Metrics full list of features.


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