Tailor Genesis to meet your organization’s unique needs. Available for accounting-only implementations, or our full suite of tools.


Genesis Accounting

$399 /mo First 5 users per month*
  • $199/month for subsequent sets of 5 users
  • includes Genesis Business Metrics 

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Genesis Transactions

$399 /mo First 5 users per month*
  • $199/month for subsequent sets of 5 users

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Genesis Full Suite

$549 /mo First 5 users per month*
  • $274/month for subsequent sets of 5 users
  • Includes Genesis Accounting, Business Metrics & Transactions

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The prices above represent an annual discount, and are billed annually. If you prefer month-to-month pricing, or have a large number of users, please speak with our sales team.

The prices above do not include our professional service fees. Genesis is often not simply a “plug-and-play” endeavor: the whole point is to tie into your Claris FileMaker solutions or to be able to significantly customize it for your team. Please do discuss your requirements with our sales consultants and we will do our best to represent an anticipated budget.

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Custom Claris FileMaker Development

Codence does offer expert Claris FileMaker development, API and other integrations, Web development, and other programming services. You need not buy Genesis. We’re happy to build from scratch or work with your existing files.


“Genesis is just perfect for us. It’s allowed our business to expand year after year and to maintain easy and close control over our expenses and receivables. Though our business has grown eight-fold over the seven years we’ve been using Genesis, it has never let us down and it’s still ideal for us. And on the rare occasions we’ve had a problem or needed some special help, Codence has always come through quickly and cost effectively. Thanks!”

Paul Miller, President of Quell

Prior to discovering Codence in our backyard, we struggled with consultants to implement and add features to our Project Management and Architecture time and note tracking program. With Codence we found how straightforward these improvements could be to roll out and got much needed insight on ways to accomplish other desired features that we weren’t sure were attainable in our price range.

Luke Arrington, CSM, CPM, Directory, Property and Asset Management, W.W. Reynolds

“Simply put, the Codence team has made our lives easier. They were thrust into a complex mess of a system and were able to clean things up, rewire and in more cases than we can say, identify current and future problems and proactively fix them. We are incredibly grateful that we were referred to Codence and they were willing to take us on as a client.”

Cami Floros-Garrison, Director, Western Winter Sports Representatives Association

“We needed a complete business management system for handling all our operations in a single platform. FileMaker was a perfect fit.”

Bernie Dushman, Former Senior VP of Technology