Brooklyn Navy Yard

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Headquarters: Brooklyn, NY
Employees: 201-500
Industry: Manufacturing

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is an industrial park that is a nationally acclaimed model of urban industrial development. Codence helped The Yard integrate Genesis for managing rent, parking, utilities for tenants and projects, contracts, payments to contractors, and receipts from the City of New York.

A Need for Flexibility

The Brooklyn Navy Yard’s previous accounting system, built in SQL, came with significant annual cost and limited flexibility. In order to manage its 3.6 million square feet of space with more than 250 tenants, Brooklyn Navy Yard had to find a solution that allowed them to manage rent, parking, utilities for tenants and projects, contracts, payments to contractors, and receipts from the City of New York. Employees had to manage a lot of data redundancy while dealing with siloed databases that didn’t link to the core accounting system.

“We needed a complete business management system for handling all our operations in a single platform. FileMaker was a perfect fit.” Bernie Dushman, Former Senior VP of Technology

The answer to Brooklyn Navy Yard’s scattered data problem came in the form of Genesis Accounting and a partnership between their in-house FileMaker team and the developers at Codence.

Workplace Innovation Platform

Built in FileMaker itself, Genesis integrates seamlessly with other FileMaker solutions and allowed Brooklyn Navy Yard a unified platform on which to build. Brooklyn Navy Yard also chose to fully customize functionality based on their business’s unique requirements. After gaining a comprehensive understanding of employee workflow, the Codence team created a deeply customized and integrated solution using Genesis Transactions.

Brooklyn Navy Yard was able to keep their accounting team lean – without adding any new headcount – while the business saw an increase of over 50% in rented square footage and more than doubled their revenue. Productivity increased beyond accounting, it allowed their employees to spend dramatically less time inputting data because they could “write once, use many”. By sharing data outside isolated silos, accounting and other errors were spotted sooner by virtue of being seen by multiple sets of eyes.

Brooklyn Navy Yard Modernizes Urban Manufacturing by Integrating FileMaker and Genesis

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a mission-driven industrial park that is a nationally acclaimed model of the viability and positive impact of modern, urban industrial development. The Yard is now home to over 400 businesses employing more than 7,000 people and generating over $2 billion per year in economic impact for the City.

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Cost-Effective, Productive Results

When the Brooklyn Navy Yard switched from using a costly and rigid SQL data management tool to the FileMaker platform with a tailored Genesis Accounting solution, they were able to streamline their workflow processes to increase both productivity and revenue.

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