New Millennium is now Codence

by Danielle Borges - Marketing & Sales Director
Codence, make sense!

Codence offers custom-built FileMaker solutions for businesses; specializes in integrated accounting and analytics software that unlocks performance insights   

BOULDER, CO – Feb. 12, 2019 – Codence, FileMaker software developers and business intelligence experts formerly known as New Millennium Communications, today announced the company’s new brand as it continues to help businesses grow their bottom line with custom-built, easy-to-use workgroup applications that streamline and improve operations.

“FileMaker is one of the unsung heroes of Silicon Valley and the technology community,” said Codence CEO Scott Love. “As a Workplace Innovation Platform, FileMaker gives businesses of all sizes a perfect means of quickly building and iterating light, shared, secure apps to improve productivity, distill data, and drive decision-making.”

Codence is a well-established, platinum-level FileMaker Business Alliance member with some of the most experienced and skilled developers in the world.

In addition to its software design expertise, the Codence team has deep business management and accounting knowledge. Danny Mack, one of the founders of New Millennium and Codence Senior Software Architect, led the development of the company’s flagship Genesis Financial Suite, a mature FileMaker-based accounting and analytics solution. Genesis breaks financial data out of its silo and integrates with the operations of a company, unlocks key data insights, and facilitates sound decision-making.

“Accounting and business management are in our DNA,” Love stated. “Codence is a relationship-driven service company that understands our customers’ needs are as unique as their businesses. Our innovative Genesis Financial Suite brings the strengths of FileMaker’s customizability to the world of accounting, business metrics and core operations.”

About Codence

For more than 30 years, Colorado-based Codence has been working closely with a wide array of client businesses to help grow their bottom line, eliminate operational inefficiencies, improve cross-functional processes, and ultimately make sense of data. Codence has helped hundreds of businesses, non-profit organizations, and schools grow, including Brooklyn Naval Yard, FileMaker, Inc. itself (an Apple subsidiary), the University of Colorado, and many more. For more information, please contact us or call (303) 444-1476.

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