Master DataTables Series: 4.1 Integration Settings

by Jody Barney - Application Developer

Welcome to the multi-part video series that will teach you how to implement DataTables in your Claris FileMaker Pro solutions effectively. If you’re new to this series, we recommend starting from the introduction to maximize your learning experience. You can access the complete series here: Master DataTables with Claris FileMaker Pro.

In the previous post, we were introduced to the concept of integrations and how we can link user interactions within DataTables to perform FileMaker scripts.

In this post, we explore Integration settings within the DataTables Builder. We dive deep into the various options we have for each type of integration how to configure them.

Discovering Integration Settings

Integration settings are the key to making your DataTables reports responsive and interactive. Whether you want to respond to row clicks, cell clicks, or button clicks, the DataTables Builder provides a user-friendly interface to configure these integrations.  To access these settings, head to the integration tab within the DataTables Builder and click on the gear icon. This will open a new card window with options to configure your integrations.

Three Types of Integrations

DataTables Builder comprises of three main types of integrations:

  1. On Row Click
  2. On Cell Click
  3. On Button Click

These integrations allow you to specify different actions based on user interactions within your report. Once you choose an integration type, you will be prompted to provide specific details.

Configuring On Row Click

Let’s start with On Row Click. This integration allows you to define an action that occurs when a user clicks on a row in the DataTables report. When you choose this option, the integration name will change to reflect that you are working on a row, and a default script called “onclick row” will be automatically applied. You can change this script to suit your requirements.

You also have an option to specify whether you want to return the entire row or a specific value when the user clicks on a row. This choice depends on what you want to do with the data and will be an integral part of the script you call.

Configuring On Cell Click

The On Cell Click integration is similar to On Row Click but works on individual cells. It allows you to run a script when a user clicks on a cell in the data table. The integration settings provide fields for selecting the script to execute and optionally specifying the table context. This context can be valuable in your script to understand the source of the data.

Configuring On Button Click

On Button Click is a more complex integration. You have the option to add buttons to each row or at the top of the table. This choice determines the behavior of your buttons. If you choose to add buttons to each row, you will have the flexibility to decide whether you want to return the entire row or a specific value. However, if you opt to add a button at the top of the table, the button’s action will apply to the entire table. The settings will guide you through the process of specifying which script to run and other necessary details.

Working with the Code

Once you have configured your integration settings and submitted them, the code will be generated for you. This code is responsible for making the integration work according to your specifications. It will be evaluated, just like other parts of DataTables Builder, and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

What’s next?

In the next part of the series, we will delve into these settings with practical demonstrations for each of the integration types listed above.  Up next, we look specifically at On Row Clicks. Let’s continue our journey to Mastering DataTables by helping you understand how to leverage integrations effectively.

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