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by Danielle Borges - Marketing & Sales Director

New Form Experiences with Claris Studio 1.11

Claris Studio 1.11, released on June 14, 2023, introduces exciting enhancements that empower developers to create customized and efficient form experiences for their clients. With valuable feedback from the developer community, Claris has incorporated new features that optimize data formatting, streamline user journeys, and provide enhanced calculation capabilities. In this blog post, we will explore the key improvements in Claris Studio 1.11 and how they can benefit developers and their clients.

Background: What is Claris Studio?

Claris Studio is a powerful development platform that enables users to create custom applications, automate workflows, and create tailored solutions. Developed by Claris International Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Inc., Claris Studio provides a low-code environment that enables users to design and deploy applications without extensive programming knowledge.

Claris Studio provides a visual user interface and a suite of tools and features that simplify the development process. Users can create interactive forms, design intuitive user interfaces, connect to various data sources, define business logic, and easily automate tasks. The ability to integrate data from different systems enables efficient data management and processing. One of Claris Studio’s main advantages is its cross-platform compatibility. Applications developed in Claris Studio can be deployed to a variety of platforms, including macOS, Windows, iOS, and the web. This flexibility allows developers to reach a wider audience and ensure their applications are accessible on a variety of devices.

Claris Studio also offers collaboration and sharing capabilities. Multiple team members can work on the same project at the same time, making it easier to build and maintain complex applications. In addition, developers can share their applications with users by generating links or embedding them on web pages for a seamless user experience.

Rapidly Streamline Business Processes with the Low-Code Approach

The platform offers extensive functionality through numerous built-in tools, libraries, and integrations. It supports data modeling, scripting, automation, and integration with popular services and technologies. Claris Studio allows developers to extend the capabilities of the platform by incorporating custom code as needed.

Claris Studio uses a low-code approach to help users build applications faster and streamline business processes. It is suitable for a variety of use cases, from small business applications to enterprise-level solutions. Whether developing custom software, automating workflows, or building data-driven applications, Claris Studio provides a comprehensive platform to bring your ideas to life efficiently and easily.

International Data Formatting

Claris Studio now supports region-specific data formatting, enabling developers to cater to diverse global audiences. Whether it’s dates, times, currency, or phone numbers, Claris Studio adapts to the user’s locale, ensuring a seamless user experience. For example, dates can be displayed as “10 July 2023” or “10/07/2023” based on the user’s location, providing clarity and familiarity.

Optimized User Journey for Anonymous Data Collection

In previous versions, form submissions redirected users to a Claris Studio URL. With Claris Studio 1.11, developers can define the confirmation page URL for anonymous form submissions. This enhancement allows users to be directed back to the client’s website, ensuring a cohesive brand experience. This update enhances engagement and builds trust with customers by keeping users within their preferred environment.

Pre-Filled Forms

Developers now have the ability to pre-fill form fields by providing users with unique URLs. This feature eliminates the need for users to key in repetitive information, saving time and effort. Team managers can customize the form’s fields with specific values by simply sharing the pre-filled form link. This initial implementation of pre-filled forms opens up possibilities for future enhancements and a smoother user experience.

Expanded Calculation Functions

Claris Studio 1.11 introduces additional calculation functions, empowering developers to validate and manipulate data effectively. New functions like ISBLANK, ISERROR, ISEVEN, ISLOGICAL, ISNUMBER, ISODD, ISTEXT, TYPE, and GETFILEATTRIBUTE provide more flexibility in developing complex forms tailored to client requirements. These functions enhance data validation, enabling developers to build more robust and intelligent forms.

Unleash the Potential of Claris Studio

Claris Studio 1.11 significantly improves the form-building experience, offering developers a range of tools to deliver tailored and efficient form solutions. The international data formatting feature ensures a consistent user experience worldwide, while the optimized user journey enhances brand cohesion. Pre-filled forms simplify form completion for users, and expanded calculation functions empower developers with more control and customization options. With Claris Studio 1.11, developers can build better forms that save time, enhance user experiences, and meet the unique needs of their clients. Embrace the power of Claris Studio 1.11 and unlock a world of possibilities in form development.

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