The Genesis Accounting Advantage

by Laura Bowyer - Senior Accounting Developer

Since 1998, Genesis Accounting has been the most robust general-application accounting package available in Claris FileMaker. Designed by Accounting Professionals and Claris experts who know from deep experience what it takes to run a business. It offers standard accounting and finance capabilities, advanced reporting for multiple entities that can be managed in one application, and allows for customization to fit your specific business requirements.  

Company Types that Realize Excellent Benefits from Genesis Accounting

  • Companies with Multiple Locations
  • Companies with Multiple Tax Entities
  • Prepress
  • Printing
  • Design and Advertising
  • Manufacturing
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Property Management Companies
  • Businesses that Sell Retail & Wholesale
  • Joint Ventures
  • Subsidiaries and Divisions
  • Franchise Businesses
  • Holding Companies
  • Conglomerates
  • Businesses with Hybrid Business Models

Here are some of the standout features of Genesis Accounting

Not only is Genesis Accounting a fully functional accounting application with excellent reporting capabilities, but it also saves time and resources by integrating with your front-end solution and eliminating redundant data entry. Personalized accounting preferences assist in setting defaults for specific transactions and segments, saving time and avoiding posting errors. Many features have been added to the already robust set of features and reports, including dynamic general ledger reporting, a financial inquiry tool, enhanced drill-down capabilities, MICR check printing (the ability to use pre-printed blank check stock for multiple bank accounts), electronic bank reconciliation, support for Positive Pay, and much more.

General Ledger: Genesis Accounting provides a comprehensive and flexible general ledger module that allows businesses to record and manage their financial transactions. It includes features such as a chart of accounts, journal entries, and transaction tracking, enabling accurate and organized financial record-keeping.

Accounts Payable and Receivable: Streamline your accounts payable and receivable processes. It enables tracking of vendor invoices, payment processing, bill management, customer invoicing, and receipt tracking. Specialized preferences allow for multiple ways of managing your payables.

Bank Reconciliation: Genesis Accounting simplifies the bank reconciliation process by automatically matching transactions between the accounting system and downloaded bank statements. This feature helps identify discrepancies and ensures accurate financial reporting.

Financial Reporting: Genesis Accounting offers robust reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to generate various financial reports such as income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, budgets, and more.

Customizability: Claris FileMaker provides a flexible platform for customization, and Genesis Accounting takes full advantage of this capability. Businesses can tailor Genesis Accounting to meet their specific accounting needs, such as creating custom reports, tracking unique financial metrics, or incorporating industry-specific requirements. The ability to customize ensures that the accounting system aligns perfectly with the business’s workflows and processes.

Security and Audit Logging: The software provides user-based access control, ensuring that sensitive financial information is accessible only to authorized personnel. It also includes extensive audit trail functions (who changed what and when), a deletion log, a change log, access logging, and a posting log.

18 Months of Open Periods: Genesis allows for 18 months of open periods, which helps the accounting department manage updates and reconciliations without closing the period after 12 months. Locking periods by month, with an unlock feature, allows for greater control over historical changes.

Scalability: Both Claris FileMaker and Genesis Accounting are designed to accommodate business growth. As a business expands, it can easily scale up its accounting processes and systems within the existing Claris FileMaker solution. This scalability ensures that the accounting system can adapt to changing business requirements, avoiding the need for a complete overhaul or migration to a new software platform.

Super-power Your Reporting

Need specialized reporting by division, job, department, facility, location, profit center, product line, or something else unique to your business? Genesis Accounting is your answer! No other accounting application on the market allows you to track transactions for multiple profit centers and multiple companies in one system but report on them individually. You can have individual balance sheets by segment, and also rolled-up financial statements for the overall company.

Using Genesis Accounting with Claris FileMaker offers businesses a comprehensive and customizable accounting solution seamlessly integrating with their existing Claris FileMaker systems. The advantages include streamlined processes, enhanced data security, customized reporting and analysis, scalability, and access to a supportive community. These benefits ultimately contribute to improved efficiency, accuracy, and decision-making in financial management.

Accounting and Development Support

Codence, with its team of Accounting Experts and Claris FileMaker Developers, offers assistance in optimizing your company’s business workflow and processing. This includes eliminating redundant entries and minimizing the risk of manual entry errors. Additionally, we provide accounting support aimed at streamlining your workflow and improving your company’s profitability.

Experience the benefits of Genesis Accounting for your business by reaching out to us today. We can provide a personalized demo to showcase how our software can enhance your financial processes, reporting capabilities, and ultimately contribute to a stronger bottom line.

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